Friday, July 13, 2018

The Devil's Justice

The Devil's Justice is my best selling book. It is not my favorite, but who am I to argue with my readers. It is a fairly short book, but I think that has added to the appeal. I had originally intended the book for a British publisher and wrote it to dictated specifications as to length, design, plot and pace. Perhaps, the publisher knew best what would appeal to the market rather than my own personal likes and dislikes. Anyways, it did become my most successful effort even though I preferred some of my other longer more superior works such as The Wildcat Kitty and the Cyclone Kid series and the stand alone Apache Gun Hawk.
When i first stared writing, I was using my grandfather's name, CHAD CULL as a pseudonym. The Devil's Justice was written using this name. A long time successful writer, who had made a living writing works for hire and using many house names and aliases, told me that you should always use your own name wherever possible, so people would know who you are and could locate all your works. I think this was good advice, but I had already written several books using the Chad Cull monicker.
I then, released my Frontier G-Man series under my own name as well as several others. My newer works carried the Franklin D. Lincoln label. This included The Wildcat Kitty series as well as The Whispering Bandit.
I am now re-releasing all of my books with Amazon Kindle in e-book format as well as affordable paperback versions with new covers featuring pulp style themes. They are also being offered on Kindle unlimited. This is an outstanding feature offered by Kindle for avid readers who would like the opportunity for unlimited reading for a single price.

The Devil's Justice is a story about the price paid for revenge. A popular theme in westerns currently is the avenger tracking down the baddies who killed his family or someone close to him. It is becoming cliche. This story takes a little different approach in that the main character wreaks all of his vengeance  in the first chapter of the book. With that out of the way, he must learn to live out the remainder of his life haunted by the consequences; thus vengeance has become the Devil's Justice.

This book can be found on my Amazon Author page at;
Franklin D. Lincoln Author Page

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