Friday, May 11, 2018

Texas Lawman--Ray Hogan

Texas Lawman is one of the Ray Hogan westerns currently republished by Prologue Books. This is a typical exciting yarn by this prolific writer. Again his hero is stalwart, honest, and courageous.
  Hogan does not tell us much about Dan Ricker and his past. He is just a typical wandering hero, much like Cheyenne of the 1950's. I am sure Hogan was very much influenced by the standard TV oaters of the time.
  Ricker is neither a Texan or Lawman as the title suggests, but he demonstrates that essence in the progression of this action adventure.
  Running from Comanches, he meets up with marshal Ben Burke who is transporting a prisoner to Canyon City for hanging before the prisoner's family can catch up with the marshal and free their kin.
  Ricker, the marshal and prisoner are once again attacked by Comanches. They are captured and taken to the Indian stronghold to be sold to Comancheros.
  Here they meet up with a young girl, Marfa Talbot who is also a prisoner and slated for sale to the Comancheros.
  They all escape and are pursued by both Comanches and Comancheros. They meet up with friends of the prisoner, who kill the marshal and let the prisoner get away.
  Ricker pins the marshal's badge on, taking on the duties of a Lawman and continues with the girl in pursuit with the outlaws friends and family on their trail.
  Comanches and Comancheros are not to be forgotten here, as they are still in pursuit of their previously escaped inventory.
  The rest of the story is full of exciting  scenes and adventures that results in a thrilling climax.
  Once again Ray Hogan delivers his usual fare of an outstanding western tale.

Thanks for riding the trail,
The Rangewriter

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