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A.Leslie Scott- Jackson Cole-Pulps

  Pulp magazines were extremely popular in the days before TV. Pulp was the name given to low cost publications of the 20's, 30's, 40's and partially int to 1950's because they were printed on cheap paper. The quality of this paper was so low that the life of these publications was extremely limited. Time has turned many of them into dry, crumbling, rubble. Fortunately, what is left of these pubs is now being saved and in some cases digitized to a new life.
  Action, Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy were the staples of these magazines. My favorites, of course, were the westerns.
  Among the many western magazine titles was Texas Rangers. This was a long running series that started in the 30's and ended in 1957. The stories were about Jim Hatfield and his horse Goldy.  They were written almost exclusively by A. Leslie Scott under the house name Jackson Cole. Theses were outstanding stories of action and adventure. The earlier stories contained much faux cowboy language and periods of long talks with the hero's horse as a way of moving the story forward. I found theses things annoying. Nonetheless the adventures were full of action and I enjoyed them. Late in the series Scott no longer wrote the series. A stable of ghost writers continued under the Jackson Cole name. Among these writers was Walker A. Tompkins, who was my favorite. The language became more readable. The stories were shorter but still retained rapid fire pacing.
  Scott went on to pen another Texas ranger series for Thrilling Western Magazine under the pen name Bradford Scott. This time the ranger was named Walt Slade. He was almost a clone of Jim Hatfield except he rode a black horse instead of a gold one. Also, he was a singing cowboy which would have worked in the movies, but i didn't think it did in print. In the earlier episodes, he rode into action with a guitar strapped across his back. Oh well, nonetheless these were action filled adventures. Unfortunately, in later years Scott's stories slipped into a sameness and all stories were essentially the same.
  Nonetheless, A. Leslie Scott was still a great talent that produced a huge volume of westerns.
  One of the all time greats.

The above pictured title Apache Guns is restored andavailable in kindle Ebook and Amazon paperback. Note only the Apache Guns title is here. The rest of the magazine is not.

Free pdfs of Texas Rangers are available at

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