Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dickie Jones Range Rider's Pal

Dickie Jones was a famous child actor. He was the voice of Pinnochio in the Disney movie in 1940. He performed with most of the notable screen actors of the day.
He was an accomplished trick rider and trick roper at the  age of 4 AS he grew to manhood he was hired by Gene Autry to star in many of his movies. After television came along, Gene Autry formed his own television company, Flying A Productions. Dickie appeared in several Gene Autry TV shows before being cast as Dick West in The Range Rider TV series as reviewed in a previous blog.
   He was extremely athletic and he did his own stunts and horsework. With Jock Mahoney, they made a fantastic duo with their outstanding action performances.
  After The Range Rider Series, he starred in his own series, Buffalo Bill,Jr. This was another outstanding action series that highlighted his athletic and horsemanship abilities. This was also produced by Gene Autry. 
  He retired from acting in the late 1950's. In later years, he became a banker.
  During my time with the Buck Jones Rangers, we approached Dickie for a possible appearance at our annual Buck Jones Film Festival. He was very gracious, but he very tactfully informed us that he was DICK JONES, not Dickie. So Noted. He deserved the dignity.
  Dick passed away in 2014 from a fall at the age of 87.
  A man of great talent and class. He is sorely missed.

Thanks for riding the trail.

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