Wednesday, November 29, 2017

First day of this blog.

   Never having blogged before,I don't know exactly how to start but I decided to show the cover of my latest release. This is a reprint under my own name. It was previously published under the name CHAD CULL.
   I started writing using this name as a tribute to my grandfather. His name was Charles Cull, but everyone called him Chad. He was born in 1881 and was the real deal and I leaned a lot from him about farming, cattle, and horses. We live a life much like western ranching, so westerns were were a natural part of our life.
   Chad Cull's father worked the railroads and was associated with Frank and Jesse James, who came regularly to his home. Needless to say, a great deal of western lore was learned there. Later on Chad's father was an Indian agent and he lived on a reservation.
   Chad was an avid reader of western pulp magazines. This is how I learned to read as he would hold  me on his lap and read exciting adventures. This led to my life long interest in reading, writing, and westerns. The first western I read was Rustlers of West Fork by Tex Burns in the first installment of Hopalong Cassidy Pulp Magazine.
It was later known that Tex Burns was Louis L'Amour. ,I have wanted to write stories all my life. My first grade teacher would read my stories to the class.
    After a lifetime of making a living at other endeavors, old age has given me the time to return to writing. i hope my efforts now is a suitable tribute to the most important person of my life.
    Next time I will look at western writers that have shaped to genre we all love.
    Se you on down the trail.

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